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4 x Food Preserve Jars Gold Screw Lid Airtight



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Item Specifications:

  • Elegance In Home
  • Material: Glass
  • Preserve Jars
  • Screw Tight Lids
  • Choice of 6 Sizes:
  • 150ml - H 8.5cm x D 7cm
  • 250ml - H 9.5cm x D 7.7cm
  • 500ml - H 14cm x D 8cm
  • 700ml - H 13cm x D 10cm
  • 1000ml - H 17cm x D 10cm
  • 1500ml - H 21cm x D 10cm
  • Jars Are Dishwasher Safe - Lids Are Not

Preserving your own fruit and vegetables is the great way to enjoy your favourite foods all through the year, without the nasty preservatives and without having to negotiate the lines at the supermarket. And preserving is so easy, especially when you have these amazing  Preserving Jars!

These jars are made from durable glass and feature a uniquely designed lid that creates a tight vacuum seal during the preserving process, ensuring your food stays perfectly preserved so it won’t spoil. Now you’ll be able to enjoy juicy apricots or delicious strawberries in the middle of winter, without having to buy artificially ripened or spoiled produce from the supermarket. 

What's Included

4 x Size (You select). 


Same day dispatched and shipping time 4 to 5 working days

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